Produzenten:Jerry Ropero, DJ Maui, Terri B, Luis Rodriguez
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Jerry Ropero’s career starts in Belgium where he produced together with his cousin N.B.G. better know as Natural Born Grooves which have had the smash hits “Forerunner” and “Groovebird” which are still classic dance tracks till now.

Jerry also remixed a lot of Artists, DJ’s and other producers so for example Negrocan “Cada Vez”, Robbie Rivera’s “Bang”, Daxriders “People”, the Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz and a lot of other European artists.

4 years ago Jerry has the idea for the project “AVANTGARDE” when he was in Hamburg and met the vocalist Terri Bjerre who has sung before on the dance projects “2 Eivissa” and “Future Breeze”.

In 2004 this classic was released again with new hot & fresh remixes on Clubland.
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