Crystal Noise

Produzenten:Paul A. Kabat
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CRYSTAL NOISE – the philosophy

Feel the music – the nature – the beat

The healing force of nature transmuted through lush synthesizer arrangements and uplifting melodies. Pseudo-mystical ramblings bathed in maudlin electronic drivel. Those are the polarities of opinion that surround the music of CRYSTAL NOISE

A gate that it is opened, reasonable, with elegance. The iron beaten draws motive that remember the New Period Art, annunzian atmosphere that recalls still today moments of story, of large passions, of loves upsetting. A gate that invites to stop itself and to enter, the gate of the well-being.. To cross it you arrives in the temple of the relaxation, there where the reliability and the search in the area recognized and consolidated feelings.

All sound and vocal data written, programmed, mixed and produced by
paul - a. kabat at the rauschwerk (tm) studio, bremen germany.