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A lifelong passion for music led to Robert picking up his first musical instrument at the age of 12; a battered second hand acoustic guitar given to him by a family friend.

Of course, this presented another obstacle to the left handed boy – the guitar was right handed!
Not someone easily put off by a challenge, he set about restringing the guitar, and started to learn the basics of playing the guitar from various “teach yourself....” books.

Fast forward 6 years, and we find Robert studying Architecture, at The Glasgow School of Art.
At this time, he meets 3 other likeminded people, and the band known as RICH was born.

After gaining attention through constant gigging and demo recordings, RICH signed with Chrysalis Music, and set about the business of being “proper”  musicians.....

Several years of touring and recordings followed, all un-released, before the dreaded “musical differences” became too much to bear, and RICH were over.

With the passage of time and the advent of new computer based recording techniques, Robert set up a small studio in the attic of his home.

Here he began to explore his eclectic musical taste, and to begin work on his first compositions.

His long-time passion for Soul, Funk, Disco and Electronica forged a path towards what can be heard in his current work.
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