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DJ Ryan Housewell is one of the best represented Djs in the surrounding area of Gmunden. But if somebody is on the avenue to fame, there are envious people not far away. 
Before the time has come, Ryan Housewell has already an eventful life behind him. He was born on the  26th of november at Gmunden. He had a certain artistic talent right back from his birth.
Ryan aged 16 and he sees for the first time a DJ at his work. He is so fascinated that he begins to practice.  In the same year, he begins with the school of music and he learns to play guitar / Keyboards and Arkodeon.  
The writing is on the wall! In the year of 2005 he changes his name into Red. Runner. And he has his first big GIG at the PENSI-Graduation ball. The disco was chock-full and the local residents talked about this evening.
After considerable time, he becomes resident DJ in „STAU“, it is a bar in Altmünster.
His predecessor DJ chrisdaFunk affected him the style of music - HOUSE!!! From now onwards, he keeps on practicing.  Every day he spends a lot of hours in the bar and carries transitions. In a little while he found the key!
Now, it is making rapid headway. He  becomes Resident DJ in June 2008, in the CLUB Starlight in Regau.  His predecessor DJ Aven Blake helped him also with the Black-Sets and the Black-transitions. But it was no problem for him to acquire it. In the end of October 2008 he had its last show in Starlight.  
From that time on he put a spell on the guests with his harmonic transitions and his purposive sample of music.
In November 20008 he thought about a new DJ name. He decided to change it and from now on he named  "Ryan Housewell
Now he is producing with one of the best accepted DJs of Austria, which plays a Warm-up of DJ Tiesto, and his name is Falko Niestolik!
Since August 2009 he is resident DJ in the best-known club of Gmunden, “Blauer Affe”.
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