(Nur Online erhältlich) / House Music Lover Vol. 10

CD - Release
  Track   Länge
  01. Trilogy Project vs. Angelstar
Last Night (Bastian Harper Club Mix)
  06:49  min
  02. Brew Ramson
Give You Up (Ronnie Maze Club Mix)
  08:24  min
  03. Groovesplitters feat. Shena
Got To Be Real (Star Foundation Club Mix)
  07:15  min
  04. Oliver Backens & Stefan Gruenwald feat. Ela Wardi
Hold On (Tighter To Love) (Steve More Club Mix)
  08:35  min
  05. Michael Simon feat. Terri B.
Feeling Fire (Extended Mix)
  08:54  min
  06. SWEN G* feat. Billy William King
Your Love (Extended Mix)
  06:05  min
  07. Robert Nimmo
The One (Phazed Romance Remix)
  06:04  min
  08. Electric Moonlight
Get Off
  03:52  min
  09. Phazed Romance feat. Inusa Dawuda
I Feel Alright (Robert Nimmo Mix)
  05:04  min
  10. Distant Soundz feat. Rozalla
Lovefool (Club Junkiez 12" Mix)
  07:38  min
  11. Vince Parro
You Feel (Summer Rain) (Robert Nimmo Mix)
  04:45  min
  12. Young Hearts
Another Place (Original Mix)
  06:04  min