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  Track   Länge
  01. Stefan Gruenwald
Anytime Is Housetime (Falko Niestolik & Two Dollars Mix)
  07:03  min
  02. Jon Smith & Marc Wilcox
Love Changes (Everything) (Jerry Ropero vs. Supernova Dub Remix)
  07:35  min
  03. Oliver Backens & Stefan Gruenwald
Alive (Wawa Remix)
  07:01  min
  04. Funkaholics
I Don't Wanna Give You Up (Club Version)
  07:56  min
  05. SWEN G* feat. Sua Amoa
House Music Lover (Syke & Sugarstarr D'Ranged Remix)
  06:52  min
  06. Ipanema
It's Time For Carnival (StoneBridge Bed Mix)
  08:20  min
  07. Oliver Backens
Stupid Love Song (Falko Niestolik Remix)
  06:39  min
  08. Falko Niestolik
Soulshaker (Original Dub Mix)
  05:53  min
  09. SWEN G*
Follow Me (Jerry Ropero vs. Denis The Menace Club Mix)
  06:07  min
  10. Michael Simon
To Be Love (Robbie Rivera Main Vocal Mix)
  08:01  min