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Bastian Harper produces deep house and vocal house for many years. He’s inspired by soul, ska, funk and reggae.

A trip to Ibiza has born the fascination of the sound in the clubs there – sound and songs are drawn by melodies, vocals and percussion. This sound should become the brand of Bastian Harper. He learned to play by doing piano and guitar and began writing songs.

But now, 8 years later, Bastian Harper has found the soul-voice that turned Bastian’s ideas into reality.
The californian Jonathan Price from Oakland, a gospel and soul singer offered to sing to a demo by Bastian. The result was amazing. Jonathan was able to breath life into the song. Right from that point the will for a long lasting cooperation has been confirmed. 5 different versions of the song “Horny Nights” were produced as a featuring project between both, Bastian Harper and Jonathan Price.

In 2008 Bastian Harper went from the label Whiterock Records (UK) to Clubland Records (Germany), a quiet successful label for house and trance music. A number of album and single are planed to release on that label from Hamburg.

Besides of vocal house music Bastian is also writing and producing trance and chill out music under the project name “Submission”. Submission also went from Whiterock Records to Clubland in 2008. Until now there’ve been released 4 albums and 8 singles.

More information, music, pictures and videos you will find at www.bastianharper.com
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